Kamebishi 20-Year Soy Sauce


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Founded in 1753 by the Okada family, Kamebishi-ya is one of Japan’s oldest soy sauce brewers. They brew their soy sauce according to traditional methods. In particular, they are the only soy sauce brewer in Japan to use the old mushiro (woven mat) method of making the base soy sauce koji that is the foundation of soy sauce. This helps to produce a refined type of soy sauce with a rich yet well-balanced and mellow flavor.  

This particular soy sauce has been fermented for 20 years! Time is needed to prepare them as it takes a day to fill a small bottle of 20-year-old soy sauce by submerging it into the moromi (fermentation) mash and letting the thick liquid slowly filter into the bottle.

It has a chocolatey taste and is excellent on sashimi, sushi, tofu, and cheeses. Only a drop or two of these aged soy sauce should be used on foods, and they are as delicious on fruit and sweet confections as they are as condiments for savory foods.

Where to use: Sashimi, Nigiri, Aged Cheese, etc.

How to use: Be careful not to use too much, even one drop is okay!

How to store: Store in the refrigerator (10 C or less).

Contains: 55 ml / bottle